For this boat to be successful it will have to
safely operate in open ocean low latitude tropical
conditions and have a range of over 2000 miles
with a cruising speed of 16.8 knots at one
hundred horse power
After deciding to build a boat  
I started the design process.  
'Ilan Voyager'
Length overall - 21.3 m
Power            240hp
Max speed       28 knots
Service speed   22-25 KT k
Range              1600nm
Banka 50'
Designer: Mike Allen
Visayan Banka 33'
Designer: Mike Allen
A 16 hp Yanmar pushes
this lightweight
displacement hull at 10
Pacific Proa
We ended up with a main hull of
64 foot long of 5 feet. The
main engine is a 160 horsepower
Yanmar driving a fixed surface
piercing propeller. Three
integral fuel tanks allow the
shipping of 900 gallons.
I am fortunate to
have talented friends
Chuck Neville has been designing
boats for almost 30 years and was
helpful in keeping me on the
straight and narrow.
The good folks at Rouvia Road
Marine helped us come up with
the lines and we were off